Freshmed Mouthwash

Freshness In Every Breath

Freshmed mouthwash is Kenyan oral care brand that comes in 2 variants Icemint & Spearmint.

For a cleaner fresher mouth than brushing alone. Additional functions of the product:

  • For whitening effect on teeth surfaces (Peroxide)
  • Helps to keep tooth enamel strong and reduces the risk of tooth decay (Fluoride)
  • Control the buildup of plaque on teeth surfaces (Essential oils)
  • To fight tooth decay and strengthen enamel (Fluoride)
  • Eliminate bad breath and kill bacteria (Cetylpyridinium chloride)
  • Reduce plaque and control gingivitis (Chlorhexidine)


*Freshmed mouthwash alcoholic (Icemint & Spearmint)

*Freshmed Zero alcohol (Icemint & Spearmint)



250ml | 500ml

Freshmed Mouthwash

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